Erika Berland

Erika has been practicing and contributing to the fields of somatic movement education for dancers, actors and athletes, movement training, bodywork and Buddhist meditation for over 30 years.

Her technique is part of a broad approach to bodywork and movement training, which engages all the systems of the body:

  • skeletal,
  • muscular,
  • organ,
  • endocrine,
  • nervous system, and
  • fluids.

Primarily drawing on the principles of Body-Mind Centering(R) developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, her work also includes Massage Therapy, Integrative Acupressure, and movement training and analysis.

Upcoming Workshops

6th Annual Somatic Training for the Performer: A 6 Day Intensive in Developmental Technique(tm), Experiential Anatomy, Viewpoints Theory and Practice and the Contemplative Context. Dates TBA,  Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. Student Discounts Available. For more information and to register go to



Erika’s first book, Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation, is now available. The book is a guide to the ancient form of sitting meditation utilizing contemporary research in somatic education and experiential anatomy.

Order your copy here


Read Erika’s chapter entitled Somatic Training for Actors with the Principles of Body-Mind Centering(R) in the 2nd ed. of Movement for Actors (edited by Nicole Potter, Walworth Press). Now available.

A chapter entitled, A Dramaturgy of Embodiment, Accessing the Expressivity of the Body through Study and Practice of Experiential Anatomy has been accepted for publication in Physical Dramaturgy (Routledge), publishing date TBA.