Erika is totally present when working on me. She listens and knows what my body needs. She has given me the gift of healing.
– Sherri Rosen, New York City

Erika is terrific. She helped me fend off carpal tunnel not just with massage, breathing and focused exercises but also by helping me rethink the ergonomics of my work environment. With her help, I was able to relieve — and then avoid — the work-related stresses that had compromised my wrists and back.
– Iris Rosenberg, New York City

I’ve been a client of Erika’s on a weekly basis for over eight years. She continually amazes me with her depth of body / mind knowledge, her sensitivity and her wisdom which comes from two decades of Buddhist practice. She has been the fulcrum around which I’ve managed my fourteen years of living with MS. I have never once doubted that her skilled work contributes enormously towards maintaining my good health and positive outlook. She is simply the BEST.
– Mel Lavin, New York City

Erika Berland is a teacher and practitioner of the highest level. She works with great knowledge, insight and sensitivity. Her work is ideal for undoing tensions, and rehabilitating the body by opening up neuro/muscular pathways so energy can flow more directly and with greater harmony. I always come out of a session with Erika realizing I’ve learned something new about myself and feeling absolutely terrific.
– Andrea Haring, Associate Director, The Linklater Center for Voice & Language